• A stable, tuned, balanced system providing excellent service.
  • A capital budget plan for upgrading in advance of demand.
  • Documentation of service levels received from partners and its affect on service delivered to clients.
  • Continuous improvement through Heinrich Ratio minimization (as applied to IT).

Ban Bottlenecks

The Ban Bottlenecks service implements a comprehensive,  proactive capacity and performance management discipline. It empowers your existing staff and provides a formal mechanism for team dialogue on performance and capacity.

Ban Bottlenecks provides an ongoing audit of your systems.  Our experienced analyst consults with you frequently via a web conference, and advises how to fix problems and prevent outages and slowdowns.

Ban Bottlenecks covers all the moving parts of a critical, complex application.

The Ban Bottlenecks service provides:

  • Frequent web conferences to discuss your systems, problems, plans, and solutions
  • Continuing access to an analyst familiar with your environment
  • Free software for connectionless 7x24 data collection and reporting
  • The Ban Bottlenecks report:
    • Analyst-created, reviewed, and scored
    • Dozens of charts and reports showing short- and long-term issues and trends.
    • A detailed analysis of the prior month including discussion and review of peaks, problems, and trends.
    •  Customized reports for each site, including application throughput, service levels, and time-of-day period emphasis.
    • Group diagnostic reports for side-by-side comparisons and hot-point discovery across the complex.

The Ban Bottlenecks service is used by banks, financial switches, card processors, retailers, and others worldwide.

Architectures Supported

  • HP NonStop (Tandem) running the NSK operating system and OSS.
  • Stratus Continuum and V-series running the proprietary VOS operating system.
  • UNIX variants: AIX, HP-UX, Solaris (SUN), and Red Hat Linux.
  • Windows 2000 and later.