• Restrict "privileged" and SysAdmin while allowing users to do their work.

  • Empower Security Officers to audit the system without being VOS-trained.

  • Satisfy enterprise and industry or government audit requirements.

LTS/OnGuardâ„¢ - The Security Solution for Stratus VOS

 LTS/OnGuard is a comprehensive, powerful security solution for the Stratus VOS Security Administrator.  Corporations have implemented their corporate security standard on VOS/OpenVOS using LTS/OnGuard.

 It  provides:

  • An environment in which non-privileged, non-SysAdmin users are able to do their jobs in a controlled and audited way.
  •  Extensive and complete audit reports.
  • Ability to control and audit access to privileged (and other) commands on a per-user, per-command basis.
  • Ability to control and audit access to analyze_system functions.
  • Finely-configurable automatic logout of inactive users. 

LTS/OnGuard is installed at sites around the world. Businesses across the United States as well as in Asia, Australia, South America, and Europe depend on LTS/OnGuard to help them meet the needs of system administrators, security officers, auditors, and management.

Industries which use LTS/OnGuard to protect their assets include: Finance (banks, stock exchanges, card processors), Retail (department stores, specialty chains), Health care (medical centers, pharmacies), and Telecommunications.

VOS Security Consulting

Transaction Design has extensive experience in implementing security controls for VOS systems.  We will be happy to work with you to secure your VOS systems. Please contact us for more information.